Ruth had another marvelous open house.

We had a grand time visiting, telling stories, and singing songs. The fresh Order cialis no rx breads put a delightful odor into the air which was only surpassed by the taste of the bread itself. We played strictly acoustical  nonamplified which was well recieved by everyone in attendance. We played to a full house literally. Ruth has made it manditory that everyone in attendance must tell at least one joke or story of which he had plenty on hand for those whose minds went blank when put on the spot. It was definitely the social event of the season. That’s all for now, see you out and about.         STU

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About Stu

One of the founding members of the Flat Rock Irregulars. Have been singing and playing guitar off and on since I was 19, am now 54. Picked up and started playing mandolin several years ago. My Irish connection is that I was born on St. Patricks Day, Irish Catholic Hospital just outside Chicago when Mayor Daily the Democratic machine there. Have had an active interest in Irish music and culture since my teens.
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One Response to THE OPEN HOUSE

  1. david says:

    go band and we did a good job on monady and we saond good and so did stu

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