THE FLATRock  IRREGULARS© North Platte’s Premier Irish Band©

The Flatrock Irregulars©, North Platte’s Premier Irish Band© was formed on June 12, 2009. Originally the band came together to play for a Hoolie held for Eileen Dempsy, a long- time employee of the Espresso Shop.

We so enjoyed that experience that we decided to continue to play the Irish music we all love. The four original members of the band are: Stu Meesenburg, Ed Marquette, Don Kurre and Maggi Welch. Gary Venezie joined us at the end of 2009.

Musically, the band focus is on traditional Irish music – defined as Irish Folk music -most written so long ago that no one knows who first wrote the music. The band also plays Irish -American tunes, (i. e. My Wild Irish Rose, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, etc.) which most people think of when Irish music is mentioned. The band is slowly expanding its repertoire to include some non-Irish songs.

All four of the men of the band play guitar – Stu and Ed both play 6 and 12 string acoustic-electric guitar. Stu also plays mandolin.  Don plays 6-string acoustic guitar and four string electric bass. Gary plays 6-string guitar as well as the banjo. All of the men have been playing guitar since their late teens. Stu and Ed also write music. Maggi is the lead vocalist, but is also learning to play tin whistle, fiddle, and Bodhran (Irish drum). Maggi is also the Band manager as well as booking agent. All five members also sing, and are all good enough to carry a solo tune.

They all met at Sharon Owen’s A-Z Bookstore during the bi-monthly Open Mic nights. Without this fun and excellent outlet for North Platte talent, this band would not exist. The band has a website, , where one can find a calendar of upcoming events, a current playlist and a soundtrack. Comments are also welcomed and encouraged.

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